Recently Engaged? 2017 Wedding?

First and foremost, we would like to personally congratulate all those lucky ladies and gentlemen who are being proposed to, not just all around Columbus, Ohio but all around the country during this magical time of year! What a great time to get engaged, love is all around, family and friends you may not get to see often, it’s the time of year that everyone comes together and everyone just simply loves.

We wanted to share with you, regardless of your own personal style, 3 projected floral trends for 2017 to consider when you start planning the big day!

Floral prints continue to be on the rise – Whether it’s in your linens, your bridesmaids dresses or even your own dress, you will continue to see more and more colors and floral patterns available for you to choose from for whichever area you want to accentuate with a bit of feminine flair.

_13485044We LOVE the style and print of this Convertible Off the Shoulder A-Line Gown from Nordstrom! They also offer a pale creamy color as well.

You may wonder what your flower bouquets would look like with a floral printed dress. Fear not! We will show you an idea of what you could pair specifically with this dress. If you have a floral printed dress, your best bet is going to be to pull out one color from the dress and base your flowers on that one solid color so that it doesn’t appear too busy against the dress.


For the love of France – This wedding trend is inspired by elegance and class. Brides are combining elements from both French Country and formal Parisian Design to create a stunning French inspired classy wedding. The colors increasingly popular that are associated with this look include deep rich colors such as red and burgundy, graphite grey and chocolate which are often offset by pastels like misty blue, champagne gold, pale pink and sage.

The flowers shown above are Red Garden Roses, Rice Flower, Silver Dollar, Blue Muscarri, Millet, Burgundy Dahlia, chocolate Orchid and Sahara Roses.

Tropical Paraides – You will see a lot more tropical inspired weddings all around, not just in Hawaii. This refreshing trend is fun and relaxing. The flowers you’ll find pairing with tropical inspired linens or dresses are calla lilies, birds of paradise, pincushion protea, freesia, celosia and cymbidium orchids along with a wide variety of foliages.

The flowers shown above are orange Calla Lilies, Birds of Paradise, Celosia, pink Freesia, yellow Pincushion Protea and Green Cymbidium Orchids.

That wraps up 3 upcoming 2017 Wedding Trends that we wanted to share with you! We also have available on our website several free organizing and planning tools to help plan your day. Often times brides have no idea what flowers cost or even factor that into their budget at times, but we created a wedding flower budget calculator that’s easy to use and will give you an idea of a flower price range based on the amount of people in the wedding, who you will need flowers for that you didn’t even think of and even centerpieces.

Check out the FREE Flower Budget Calculator here.

We also took the time to compile 9 different cost effective wedding packages for the bride that’s on a strict budget. Just because you have a budget to stay within doesn’t mean you have to omit flowers for your entire wedding! Our packages are fully customizable when it comes to color and most packages can accommodate any wedding color scheme.

Wedding Flower Packages, Columbus OH

We went out and did our research and we did this for you! We found some of the most reputable wedding venues, photographers, planners and bakers in Columbus, OH and we interviewed them. We asked them questions that we thought you, as a bride, would like to know. You can find their individual pages, interviews and answers all within our website.

Check out our list of preferred Wedding Vendors in Columbus, OH

10 Ways to ask your friends to be Bridesmaids

While our main focus is flowers, we still love every aspect of weddings and events! Which is why we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to ask your closest friends to be your bridesmaids. Put a little thought and effort into this because after all… they’re going to be the ones who try to keep you from going insane!

1.The Puzzle


Make them work for it! – VesyArtStudio on Etsy offers this adorable and unique way to ask your besties to be your bridesmaids with a beautifully designed puzzle. She offers several colors as well and a couple ways to package them. Link to Puzzle Idea on Etsy

2. Custom Wine Label


Because lets face it, you’re going to need wine while planning a wedding. – LabelTheOccasion on Etsy designs custom labels for wine bottles. We thought this one was especially cute to add a picture of you and whoever you’re asking to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor.  Link for Wine Bottle Label on Etsy

3. Bridesmaid? Banner


Cute & Simple – Another Etsy win in our book coming from laceandtwig. This simple, not over the top and adorable idea is perfect for asking your friends to be bridesmaids. She offers these in pink and gold. This is a great option for the simpleton. Link to Will You be my Bridesmaid Banner Box on Etsy

4. Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift Pacakge


Totally girly – We love this unique and fun way to ask your friends to be bridesmaids! Cookies, movie, alcohol and nail polish…what else could a girl ask f0r? She won’t be able to say no…as if you had any doubts to begin with…

5. Custom Jewelry

Jewelry! – There are so many custom jewelry ideas you can find for this occasion. We thought these were both cute and simple. (The one on the right says “I’ve got the script but I need the stars!” with star charms.

6. Message in a Box


This idea is similar to the “will you be my bridesmaid” banner. You could do so much with this to customize it to suit your wedding colors/theme.

7. Starbucks & Coffee Lover


For the Starbucks lover. – Your friend will be thrilled to have a custom Starbucks cup with her name on it! And of course honored to be a part of your big day! Find Custom Starbucks Label on Etsy

8. Custom M&M’s – mmm, chocolate! 


Have custom m&m’s made in your wedding colors. You can put sayings on the back to ask them to be your bridesmaid and there are several ways to order these and ways to present them. I don’t think there’s a way to go wrong when you involve chocolate. Order Custom M&M’s

9. Planner 


Give her a planner with all the important upcoming wedding related dates filled in on the inside! It’s a cute and practical gift that she can continuously use and it’s easily customizable.

10. Flowers – saving the best for last!


Send her a cute little flower arrangement in your wedding colors with a simple enclosure card asking her to be your bridesmaid. Because what girl doesn’t like flowers? Pink Polka Dot


Not everyone is going to have all bridesmaids. What about the brides with male friends? They’re referred to as, fittingly, “The Bridesman” and there are gifts and ways to ask them too! This one is our favorite. It’s a di-cut box. It’s simple (because men are simple) and to the point! Throw his favorite food in there and there’s no way he can say no.




Top 10 Wedding Flowers 2016


1. Garden Roses

Light_Pink_Garden_Roses_TMove on over standard, traditional rose…Here comes the Garden Rose making a grand entrance with her lush looks and undeniably pleasant fragrance! Garden roses are not a new bloom, however, they’re making brides swoon this year when it comes to trending wedding flowers. We can’t blame them, garden roses, though typically on the higher end of the cost spectrum, are gorgeous and they take up more space than traditional roses. In turn, this means you wouldn’t need as many, so you  may be able to cut cost on your wedding bouquet by choosing larger blooms such as garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias and other flowers that take up more space individually. Somewhere along the line, most traditional roses have lost what they’ve always been known for, fragrance. Garden roses offer that true rose fragrance that we so often seek in traditional roses. Whether you’re planning an elegant, clean and quaint wedding celebration or a modern garden-esque affair, there are several varieties and colors of these beauties lending themselves to be diverse in accomplishing an array of styles and needs.

2. Succulents – still going strong


A huge wedding flower trend in 2016 is greens, greens, greens and more greens! Succulents have been on the rise for a few years now but this year particularly, brides are opting more for whimsy, textured, earthy, garden inspired wedding themes. What better to use than succulents if this is you!? Succulents, in short, are awesome! We love to use them for their simplicity but dramatic textured effect that they also provide. Succulents come in various styles, shapes and colors. Though mostly green, you will find some in shades or hints of purple and pink. They’re fun, they’re funky and we can assure you with their addition, they’ll be the “ooooh and ahhhh” of your bridal bouquet! We love a lush and whimsy style bouquet of succulents, garden roses, billy balls and peonies accented with seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller and garden ivy.

3. Dahlia’s


Typically a larger bloom, Dahlia’s offer several varieties, shapes, colors and textures. This flower, being larger, lends itself to being more of a focal point in a bouquet and in most cases, with the use of dahlia’s, less is more. In our experience, brides like to pair dahlia’s with hydrangea, standard, garden and petite roses, hanging amaranthus and queen anne’s lace. Typically bouquets using dahlia’s have a more fresh picked, roadside bouquet look. – Not at all meant in a bad way!

4. Peony


I can’t say we blame pesky ants for being heavily attracted to this particular bloom. Peonies are gorgeous, they’re luscious, they smell heavenly and they are so diverse! Often we will incorporate not only the large open peony blooms in bridal work but the barely cracked blooms as well that are in the shape of a ball for added texture and style. Peonies are a fantastic flower to use in bridal work because they are truly beautiful in all stages, from barely open to full bloom. We most often have brides requesting standard and or garden roses paired with peonies in various colors. They have softness to them but they make a bold statement and draw emphasis.

5. Hydrangea


Standard white and green hydrangea are not as costly as they once were and are still a very strong popular flower in bridal work. Of course, getting in to the more complex colors such as purple, blue and pink, you’re likely to inquire more cost, however, this is another one of those flowers that take up a lot of space per just one stem, so while the cost may be a bit higher per stem, consider how much space they take up. Hydrangea are a completely diverse flower and can adapt and accent most other flowers in a bridal bouquet. We find that often times this particular flower will clash with carnations because the carnations can easily be lost as opposed to a garden rose or dahlia.

6. Ranunculus


If we asked you about ranunculus a year ago, you may have had no idea what we were talking about. Today, these delicate blooms may just be your favorite – And for good reason! Ranunculus, like garden roses, have a high petal count, hence the “fluffiness” look they have. They are a more delicate flower, however, very popular when used in bridal work this past wedding season and still at it this year.

7. Babies Breath


So, in florist land, babies breath is what we call a “filler”. What does this mean to you? Nothing really, but to us, it’s traditionally used to accent other flowers such as roses, not to be the focal point. That being said, we have increasingly had brides requesting babies breath bouquets and centerpieces. I think a very common misconception for the consumer is that because of the simplicity of it’s look it’s a “cheaper” alternative to other flowers. This isn’t always the case. Take caution, the price of an all babies breath wedding may be more costly than you might expect. Of course it’s not going to be as costly as a bouquet of dahlia’s, garden roses’s, hydrangea, peonies and ranunculus, but it isn’t exactly free either.

8. Lisianthus


At certain stages of their development, lisianthus kind of, sort of, somewhat reminds you of roses. These flowers, however, have several blooms per stem. Lisianthus is popular in purple, pink and white and makes a stunning addition to an airy, earthy, fresh picked inspired bouquet.

9. Stock


We love stock! It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s full of fragrance. Stock is often paired with standard and garden roses and is a nice addition to bridal bouquets in small quantities. Stock is offered in colors such as magenta/pink, white, peach and purple.

10. Calla Lilies


Seems like no matter what’s trending right now, calla lilies are a flower that doesn’t go away in our business. The calla lily’s simple, delicate, cone-like design provide modern and elegant flair. Calla lilies are often paired with roses and come in a variety of colors.

As always, Happy Wedding Planning!

-Botanica Flowers

For more on Botanica Flowers, please visit our website!

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8 Things to do with your Wedding Flowers after the Wedding

Imagine – You’ve just experienced a slew of emotions you didn’t even know existed. The time has come, you greet the beginning of the aisle with tears in your eyes as you look up and walk towards the man of your dreams. This is it, and for that entire duration of slowly walking down the aisle, your mind races, this is what you’ve dreamed of. But better. This is far more elaborate than you could have ever pictured. You’re about to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. While it seems like time stops for a moment, it all happens so fast. You celebrate your union with your closest friends and family. Dancing. Dining. Making Memories. Be careful not to blink, it only takes one blink and the special day has come to an end. As the evening nears it’s end, you’re faced with “clean-up”.

What do I do with my wedding flowers after the wedding is over?

Don’t worry, we’ve got this! We’ve compiled unique and meaningful ideas for repurposing all of those gorgeous wedding flowers. After all, you spent money on these, there should be something you can do with them, and there is!

  1. Deliver to a local Nursing Home – We have a close relationship with several local nursing homes and in our personal experience, these men and women are so grateful beyond words to receive flowers. A lot of them hardly ever believe that you’re giving them flowers. It’s a unique, meaningful and heartfelt experience. What a great way to start your marriage off! These people love visitors, talk to them, ask them for marriage advice! I promise you won’t be disappointed and you may even make a friend or two.
  2. Give your guests the remaining centerpieces to take home – People love flowers, bottom line. This act of kindness will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Preserve your bouquet – Who doesn’t want a beautiful memento of such a beautiful day. There are several DIY videos and tutorials you can search online and you can also search “wedding flower preservation” in your area. Please note, most florists do not provide this service.
  4. Deliver to a local Hospital – Same idea as with the nursing home. People in the hospital, especially long term patients will really appreciate this gesture. It could mean more to them than you’ll ever know.
  5. Deliver to all the people that made your big day come together – Was your photographer awesome? Let them know, take them a thank you note with a bouquet of flowers. Did your cake get a lot of ooo’s and ahhh’s? Show your appreciation with a  flower bouquet. Hairstylists? Make-up Artist? Even your mani-pedi place! These type of small thoughtful gestures will go a long way.
  6. Deliver to the restaurant of your first date – Makes sense, deliver your remaining wedding flowers to the place where you and your partners love would begin! Restaurants like a love story just as much as the next guy, don’t we all?
  7. Take flowers to the proposal site – Did he propose at your favorite park? Was it at work? Take flowers to this location!
  8. Message in a bottle – You’ll have way more flowers than would fill a glass bottle but as a sentimental idea, you could add your vows to each other in a bottle along with flowers (or several bottles) and toss them in a nearby river or lake.


What did you do with all of your remaining wedding flowers? Is there something else you wish you would have done with them?

How much do wedding flowers cost?

There’s just something about fresh flowers and lush green plants that can completely transform a dull room and convey your style and personality in ways you didn’t even know were possible. Flowers are the icing on the cake, they’re the Saturday to a weekend, they’re the jelly to the peanut butter but how much do they cost?

There are so many variables that go into selecting and pricing your wedding flowers that it’s hard to give a simple answer to this often asked question without an in-depth wedding consultation. Some of the variables you’ll want to consider are (in no specific order):

Who pays for the wedding flowers?

Traditionally, the bride and her family pays for the ceremony and reception flowers in addition to the bouquets for her bridesmaids and flower girl. The groom and his family pay for the brides bouquet, his groomsmen’s boutonnieres and the mothers and grandmothers coordinating corsages. Today, wedding payment traditions are often not considered and a lot of the time it’s up to the bride and groom to pay for their wedding flowers.

Determining this will help tremendously in sorting out what you have to spend on your flowers.

Am I having a small, average or large wedding party?

Determining the size of your wedding party is a greatly considered factor in planning your wedding flower budget. A small wedding party will have 1 or 2 bridesmaids and groomsmen while a large wedding party will have 6 or more and somewhere in between, you’ll find the average. Most brides and grooms choose 3 to 5 bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Will I provide my own vases or containers?

Providing your own sourced vases and containers will affect your reception centerpiece pricing. A lot of wedding and event florists also tend to have rental vases as an option. This way, you don’t have to figure out what to do with all of those vases after the wedding and you also save money this way.

Providing your own vases could save you – $200+ depending on the size of your wedding and how many tables you have.

Tip – At your wedding flower consultation, inquire with the florist about rental vases.

Will I be picking the flowers up and transporting them myself or will the florist be providing on site set-up services?

It does happen, we do have brides that opt for picking up their own flowers to transport to the ceremony and reception sites but let’s face it, you have enough to worry about that day and likely so do your closest friends and family. Your wedding florist should offer delivery and set-up services while some also offer tear down services. While this is an extra charge to consider, it’s going to save you a headache as the day of should be spent relaxing and enjoying the day worry free.

Have I considered all places that could be decorated with flowers or plants?

More often than not, small details like the cake or cake table are overlooked when considering wedding flowers. Have you thought about decorating the car or having an archway at your ceremony? Did you remember a boutonniere for your officiant, ring bearer and other special guests? These small detail items are just one more way to make the theme of your day come together.

Flower Availability

You’re having a late September wedding and you want to incorporate your favorite flower into your wedding flowers. A good wedding floral consultant will listen to your wants and explain to you that a certain flower may not be available at that particular time of year and  will give you suggestions on something that may be comparable. Also, in the event that we are able to special order certain flowers that are not in season at the time of your wedding,  you will incur extra cost for this.

What is my flower style?

Here is where you’re going to find your biggest variable in determining how much your wedding flowers will cost. It’s kind of like comparing roses and carnations. Roses tend to be more elegant and pricey, while carnations are a more economical flower option. If you like dahlias, garden roses, orchids, hydrangea, anemones and calla lilies, chances are your going to come out on the higher end with your wedding flower proposal whereas if you opt for daisies, carnations and alstroemeria, you’re less likely to spend as much on your wedding flowers.

Should I DIY my wedding flowers?

This is a personal decision, but as a florist and someone that’s gotten married before, it’s really just one more unnecessary stressor for a bride and her bridesmaids to tackle. Often brides will decide to have fresh flowers for their bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages and opt for silk flowers for their reception centerpieces because they think this will be more cost effective, which is not always the case.

More often than not, silk flowers, even at 50% off at Hobby Lobby can cost more than fresh flowers. At the end of your wedding, you’re left with all of these artificial flowers and what do you do with them? You don’t even want to think about this! I had a client that decided to do this. I made her wedding party flowers in fresh and she DIY-ed her reception flowers with artificial flowers from Hobby Lobby. What ended up happening was she became very stressed and overwhelmed and Hobby Lobby would eventually run out of the flowers in her colors and  style and she would have to venture to several different craft stores only a few days before her wedding trying to hunt down flowers for her guest tables. She ended up short on centerpieces.


Research suggests that wedding flowers will cost 10% of your entire wedding cost.

Tips for Planning your Wedding Flowers – From the Florist.

For many brides to be, the process of planning their wedding day began long before the groom ever popped the question. Many brides have had Pinterest boards filled with wedding flowers, centerpieces and styles years before they ever met the man of their dreams. Suddenly all of the wedding related boards of wedding flower ideas and wedding images may seem overwhelming. Your wedding dream now needs to be turned into your wedding reality. So many ideas, so many questions; where do you start. How does the bride decide on one idea, can you combine several ideas together? How much will it all cost? Go to our getting started page for many tools to help you organize your thoughts and help you prioritize your things to do.

What is your wedding flower budget?


What should you expect to spend on flowers for a wedding? Everyone is different. There is no one answer. A good guideline is 10 to 15 percent of the wedding cost, but some wedding parties spend significantly more then that while others spend far less. A great place to begin is to go to our wedding budget planner. This is a nice starter tool to give you an idea what wedding flowers might cost. You can add and subtract items to the tool and even select different levels of quality.

What if my flower budget does not match my Pinterest visions?



We want to hear the dream, the vision, what it is that you really want. It helps us get to know you and feel the emotion and passion of what you want your day to be. We want to know how he asked and who you told first. This is the best part of getting married and we want to share in the fun. It is your special day and for us to contribute to making it your dream day we want to really know how the journey began and what your vision is for the wedding day itself.

If after we meet and we total everything up and we are under budget, then great. Congratulations, let us build that dream wedding. More often than not, however, the budget does not meet the dream.

This is where things can get tricky. This is also where it helps to have a professional floral designer to help you figure it all out. It is our job to help you decide what is truly important and find creative ways to capture your vision while staying within your budget.

Maybe we can find flowers that are more affordable for your particular style to assist in capturing your dream. Maybe we adjust the size of the arrangements or the number of arrangements needed. Sometimes we can also use the same arrangement in multiple locations.

There are literally dozens of ways to find wiggle room and still capture your vision of your day. Trust us we have done this hundreds of times and we will help you figure this out as well.

What kind of bride are you?

Almost every bride has one or two items on their list that they wont compromise on.

For some brides the single most important thing in the wedding is the bridal bouquet. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many brides feel this way. It is very rare to find a classic image of a bride and groom that does not include the bridal bouquet.

Casey’s bridal bouquet of lush pale pink garden roses, wild queen annes lace, gorgeous hydrangea and textured seeded eucalyptus.

The wedding ceremony flowers maybe the top item on your list of have to haves. Why not? The picture in the church or other venue with the entire wedding party flanked by beautiful flower arrangements will likely hang on your wall in your home for the rest of your lives.

Casey opted to line her wedding ceremony aisle with mason jars of babies breath and pale pink rose petals for a clean and classic feel. The archway is decorated with a stylish swag made of branches and fresh rose blooms.

Maybe for you, it’s all about the party. The flowers decorating the reception hall will surround you during some of the most memorable moments of the day. The time right after your married, the time you celebrate with friends and family. The maid of honor and the best man give speeches. The father and daughter dance together, the cake cutting ceremony and more. The flowers decorating this space and the images that are captured during these moments might be the most important part of the day to you.

Gorgeous centerpieces of lush garden roses and gorgeous hydrangea filled the reception tables at Chris and Casey’s Classic and Timeless Inspired wedding.

Some brides won’t compromise on the wedding flowers at all. She might compromise on the venue or the number of guests or the wedding date itself, but she wont compromise on the flowers.

Meeting our designers is a good place to figure things out. Go to our meet our designer’s page to read a short bio on each of them and consider setting up a consultation.

When should I meet with a florist to discuss wedding flowers?

We love talking to brides about their event and the sooner the better. That being said, it often helps to have your wedding dress and bridal dresses selected to help us get an idea of your style. The dress color, design and shape help suggest coordinating bouquet size, style, shape and flower color.

The size of the wedding party will play a roll in your floral budget so having the size of wedding party is also often helpful.

The venue selected is also important. It gives us an idea of how many guests will be attending the event and how many tables and other decorations might be needed.

What if I don’t have a vision at all?

Some brides come to us with a very specific idea of what they want and who they want it. Some brides don’t know how to figure out a style and a vision.

Don’t worry, we can help, it does not have to be that complicated. We take our perspective brides that need help selecting flowers through a couple step process to get the ball rolling.

First: You and maybe the one or two people that you trust the most should look at everything. We can do a Pinterest board for your wedding. Look around the internet and pin things that you like. Do this over several days. You might really like one collection one day and not so much the next day, the more the better.


Second: Do you have any patterns start to form? Are you attracted to more natural styles or is it high-style that you’re attracted to? Do you prefer one solid color or do you like multi-colored arrangements. Patterns will start to form and this will be a good place to find your style and your vision.

Check out our what’s your style page and see the current pantone colors for the upcoming year to get more ideas.

Why are vendor partnerships so important?

Selecting solid vendor’s for your event is extremely important. When vendors know each other and have worked with each other in the past, the event almost always goes smoother. They know each other and they know what to expect from each other. If there is a question they know who to talk to. They know things like where the outlets are and how best to set up and tear down.

We feel so strongly about the vendors we work with we do more then just list them on our website we advocate for them. Check out our partner’s page and you can read about the vendors we work well with as well as the common questions you should ask the vendors. Many have the answers included on their page.

Most of our vendor pages have a map with their location and some even have videos that we have created to help give a bit more insight about them. We will be adding more to our vendor pages as time goes on, so check back often.

Check out our what every bride should know page. In the event that you find a vendor that is not currently on our list, you will have a good idea as to what you should ask them before you work with them.