White Weddings. In or out?

In an ever changing industry, colors change, trends change but one thing seems to remain consistent… White weddings never seem to go out of style. They’re classic, they’re elegant and clean and we can’t get enough with this one! Our design team really pulled through with this big event to make a lucky central Ohio brides floral vision come to life.

In the photos you will see luscious white hydrangea, gorgeous white lilies, white snapdragons, seeded eucalyptus and simple stand-alone white gladiolus just to name a few.


Upon entering the ceremony seating, you were greeted with an oversized vase full of simple white gladiolus on each side with curly willow tips used for an earthy feel that gives natural height. The aisle was lined with beautiful and elegant white rose petals down each side that lead to the simple archway where the bride and groom would stand.


The newlyweds table was gorgeously decorated with an oversized clean and natural table piece of hydrangea, lilies, roses, snapdragons and dusty miller. With a piece like this, there would be no questions as to where the focal point of the reception was.


A modern and trending thing to do with your wedding centerpieces is to have a combination of tall pieces on half of the tables and low pieces on the other half and mix and distribute them evenly. This gives the room a nice flow.


In conclusion, to any Bride to Be, if you ever find yourself stuck on what colors to choose for your big day, assume that white is always classy, elegant and never going out of style!

Irongate Equestrian Center Wedding Venue

This week, we’d like to spotlight Irongate Equestrian Center at 12298 Croton Rd. Croton, OH 43013

While doing your venue research in central Ohio, we strongly recommend this quiet, unique, fairytale-esque facility nestled in a tiny little town called Croton, Ohio. Irongate offers several ceremony sites for you to choose from to suit you and your guests needs as well as three separate reception areas to choose from and can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 1,200 guests. An experienced event coordinator is assigned to each event to assist you with all of your facility and event needs. The long fairytale driveway that leads up to the main event barn is surrounded by acres of beautiful rolling pastures. This event space is located 10 miles from New Albany, Ohio, 31 miles from Downtown Columbus, Ohio and just 27 miles from Port Columbus International Airport. The Wedding Venue includes several amenities to make your day come together as well as several additional amenity upgrades.

Visit Irongate Equestrian Center



A mid-summer wedding with the maid of honor in a light mauve color and airy bouquets of blue delphinium, caspia, green berries, hydrangea, dianthus and millet, Kevin and Sadie celebrate their modern horse and carriage inspired wedding at the unique and quaint Irongate Equestrian Center with close family and friends. Blue hydrangea and caspia decorate the cake while simple bouquets of blue delphinium in milky antique vases decorate the dessert table. The simple branched archway decorated with blue delphinium and greenery makes for a nice, subtle addition to the ceremony backdrop. The Jackson’s Photography did a fantastic job capturing the beauty of this bride and groom’s very special day. Congratulations newlyweds – we are more than pleased to have been a part of your big day! – Botanica

Link here for more images from this Wedding Gallery at Irongate Equestrian Center

Questions we asked Irongate Equestrian Center

How many people does your wedding venue accommodate?

The Irongate Equestrian Center can hold up to 1,200 guests with the average event being around 250 guests. The arena can be divided into four sections and they can set the venue up according to the party needs or the guest count so that the feel of the space fits the size of the guest list. The space is so versatile that clients often have one section a cocktail area another space might be used as the ceremony. Another area could even be used for cake cutting, the ideas are truly endless.

Can I hold my wedding ceremony as well as the reception at the venue?

Both the wedding ceremony and wedding reception can be held at the venue. The client can choose to have an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding depending on what they want. Approximately two to three months before the wedding the wedding specialist or event planner will sit down and go over each step of the party and cover all the details of how the client wants the flow to go. They will then design a floor plan for the entire day.

What is your rental fee?
Pricing for Saturday is different than pricing for Friday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday the rental fee for the space runs $5000, on a Saturday wedding the venue runs $7500. A client getting married on a Saturday night with approximately 250 guests can expect to spend about $100 per guest with food wine and beer included. The price per guest will go down the more guest you have at the event. When booking a wedding at the Irongate Equestrian Center you are booking the entire space. You have access to the arena, the courtyard and the bridge. You can take photos in any of the locations. They have 105 acres on the property and the client has access to all of it for photos.They have had corn hole and a bounce house, they have even had fire pits with smores. The Irongate never has more then one event going on at the same time even though the space is large enough that it could accommodate more then one wedding in a given day. The client gets use of the property exclusively for their special day. IronGate can accommodate a wedding or event as small as 75 guests.

How much is the deposit and when is it due?
The initial deposit for a Friday or a Sunday is $2500. Saturday weddings the deposit is $3750. There is also a deposit on the food which is half of the food bill once the menu is decided which is usually several months later. The final amount is due14 days before the event.

What is your cancellation policy?
In the rare event where someone needs to cancel their venue reservation, the deposits are non-refundable. The Irongate Equestrian Center does allow guests to change dates as long as they have at least a 6 month notice.

How long will I have to use the event space I’ve reserved?
Ten hours is the allotted time per the contract. Many times they do allow the brides to come in earlier to get ready. Most of the bar packages are a 5 hour time frame and that is when most guests start arriving. If the bridal party decides they want to go past the ten hours after the allotted end time has been reached, they do offer a per hour rate to extend the party. Most people arrive at 10 and are gone by 10:30.

Is the food catered in or is it done in house?
The Irongate Equestrian Center has a list of recommended caterers. It is possible to contract with a caterer not on the list and when doing so they do have a separate fee for this service to cover the cost of in house materials and supplies and use of water and electric and other items. The Irongate Equestrian Center holds an open house several times a year where the preferred caterers come to the venue and the bridal parties can sample the food and get to know each caterer. All the food options are determined by the client and the caterer directly. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to pulling off a successful wedding so it is highly recommended that the client select one of the caterers on the Irongate’s list.

Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided?
The Irongate provides the glassware for the bar. They also provide the tables, the chairs, table cloths, table linens that go to the floor, they provide cloth napkins as well as simple non-floral centerpieces. The china and silverware is provided by the caterer. Because the Irongate is a farm, sometimes people will do things a little different and have a BBQ and that can change things around a bit. They have even had a food truck from time to time.

Can I bring in my own alcoholic beverages?
You’re not allowed to bring your own alcohol on site. This was a service that was offered a number of years ago but it is no longer available. Many times the bride and groom would miss judge the beverage needs of the party and end up with too much or too little alcohol. Now that the alcohol is handled in house there is never a fear of having to much or to little.

Are you licensed to provide alcohol service? If so, is alcohol priced per person or by consumption?
Alcohol at the Irongate is priced per person but it is unlimited. Once you select the package you want then your guests can drink as much as they want. The packages include beer and wine if you want alcohol, the package fees go up a couple of dollars.

What is your weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?
They have an indoor space ready and available when the weather prohibits the wedding ceremony being outside. They have weddings all year round and it often happens that a wedding is moved indoors at the last minute. The decision is usually made the rehearsal dinner night.

Does your facility have a bridal room and groom room to allow the wedding parties to prepare themselves?
At the Irongate Equestrian Center they have two balconies. The second floor balcony is where the bridal suite is located. There are two separate rooms in the bridal suite. One for hair and make up and one room for the bride to get dressed. The nice thing about the bridal suite is the bride has the ability to view the space and watch from above as the party and the guests arrive. She gets a unique birds eye view of the entire space. On the third floor are the two groomsmen suites. A lounge area for the men and a place for them to get dressed. All four bride and groom rooms have a full restroom and shower in each room. They are all locked with key pads so the wedding party can leave personal items in the rooms. They also have huge closets in them as well for plenty of storage. They have tables for snacks and chairs and couches. Some even have TV’s. There is also some private space on the first floor that is called a den or bar area and its a great place for private conversations and small group gatherings for long lost relatives to catch up.

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes or does everything need to remain as is?
The Irongate Equestrian Center commits at least 3 staff members up to two hours to help with the decorating. They are experienced and know how to decorate and know where plugs are and have a good handle on making the decorating process go smoothly. This is all included in the price. Brides will give them a diagram and instructions and thats it, stress free decorating.

Do you have decoration guidelines that must be followed?
No confetti and no glitter are preferred, open candles are allowed. No nails in the wood, otherwise they accommodate most other needs.

Do you have restrictions on what kind of music I can play or a time in which the music must end?
They are a farm and because the space is the clients for the entire evening, they can choose any music live or other wise that they would like. The sound in the arena is outstanding according to many guests and DJ’s that have set up in the venue. They do have an in-house sound system that the bridal party can hook up their i-pod to and play music until the DJ arrives. The music will play in the arena, the lounge and the den.

Does your venue provide on-site parking?
They have 125 spaces around the arena and also have overflow parking for really big events. The bride can also hire valets if they want. At a typical wedding they have two parking attendants directing cars.

Are their nearby hotels that your venue recommends?
They work with the Courtyard by Marriott often, which is located right off of 161. You can hire a shuttle service from the hotels if you want.

Is the site handicap accessible?
Most of the property is handicap accessible. There are a few portions of the building that are not.

Does your venue have liability insurance in the event that someone is injured during the event?
They do have full insurance for the property.

Do you have signage or other aids to direct guests to my event?
Most people, because of GPS, have no trouble finding The Ironggate Equestrian Center. Many guests arrive early just to make sure they are not late because most have not been to the facility before. Many brides will make their own signs if they are nervous.

Do you have a recycling policy?
They are in the process of putting their recycling program in place.

Tell me a unique aspect of your venue that I may not find anywhere else?
The Irongate Equestrian Center has horse stalls that have been cleared out and cleaned up and are often used by the guests for a variety of uses. They have been used for air brush tattoos, they have been used as simulation pub crawl where each stall has a different adult beverage, they have put appetizers in the stalls and have done cake cuttings, the ideas are endless as to what can be done. Each stall is around 10′ by 10′.The stalls create a really unique and special atmosphere that is not typically found anywhere else.

What else would you like to say about your venue that I have not asked?
The Irongate is 105 acres, an equestrian center, that is extremely unique in the look and feel. They can accommodate anywhere from 50 guest to 1,200 guests. It is a must see and there is so much you can not possibly describe it in one paragraph. This venue is an upscale barn style facility where the space can be presented differently for each wedding. The guests love it and are blown away 100% of the time.


10 Ways to ask your friends to be Bridesmaids

While our main focus is flowers, we still love every aspect of weddings and events! Which is why we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to ask your closest friends to be your bridesmaids. Put a little thought and effort into this because after all… they’re going to be the ones who try to keep you from going insane!

1.The Puzzle


Make them work for it! – VesyArtStudio on Etsy offers this adorable and unique way to ask your besties to be your bridesmaids with a beautifully designed puzzle. She offers several colors as well and a couple ways to package them. Link to Puzzle Idea on Etsy

2. Custom Wine Label


Because lets face it, you’re going to need wine while planning a wedding. – LabelTheOccasion on Etsy designs custom labels for wine bottles. We thought this one was especially cute to add a picture of you and whoever you’re asking to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor.  Link for Wine Bottle Label on Etsy

3. Bridesmaid? Banner


Cute & Simple – Another Etsy win in our book coming from laceandtwig. This simple, not over the top and adorable idea is perfect for asking your friends to be bridesmaids. She offers these in pink and gold. This is a great option for the simpleton. Link to Will You be my Bridesmaid Banner Box on Etsy

4. Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift Pacakge


Totally girly – We love this unique and fun way to ask your friends to be bridesmaids! Cookies, movie, alcohol and nail polish…what else could a girl ask f0r? She won’t be able to say no…as if you had any doubts to begin with…

5. Custom Jewelry

Jewelry! – There are so many custom jewelry ideas you can find for this occasion. We thought these were both cute and simple. (The one on the right says “I’ve got the script but I need the stars!” with star charms.

6. Message in a Box


This idea is similar to the “will you be my bridesmaid” banner. You could do so much with this to customize it to suit your wedding colors/theme.

7. Starbucks & Coffee Lover


For the Starbucks lover. – Your friend will be thrilled to have a custom Starbucks cup with her name on it! And of course honored to be a part of your big day! Find Custom Starbucks Label on Etsy

8. Custom M&M’s – mmm, chocolate! 


Have custom m&m’s made in your wedding colors. You can put sayings on the back to ask them to be your bridesmaid and there are several ways to order these and ways to present them. I don’t think there’s a way to go wrong when you involve chocolate. Order Custom M&M’s

9. Planner 


Give her a planner with all the important upcoming wedding related dates filled in on the inside! It’s a cute and practical gift that she can continuously use and it’s easily customizable.

10. Flowers – saving the best for last!


Send her a cute little flower arrangement in your wedding colors with a simple enclosure card asking her to be your bridesmaid. Because what girl doesn’t like flowers? Pink Polka Dot


Not everyone is going to have all bridesmaids. What about the brides with male friends? They’re referred to as, fittingly, “The Bridesman” and there are gifts and ways to ask them too! This one is our favorite. It’s a di-cut box. It’s simple (because men are simple) and to the point! Throw his favorite food in there and there’s no way he can say no.




Macedonian Wedding Reception at the Hilton Downtown

With over 900 stems of gorgeous white hydrangea ordered for one event, it’s no surprise that the end result was classy and breathtaking! Mario and Jessica tied the knot at the stunning Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral at 400 Waggoner Road, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 this past Saturday. Buckets and buckets of gorgeous hydrangea filled both sides of our trailer as we prepared ourselves for the big day!


Jessica’s one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet, round in style, featured luscious hot pink garden roses accented with hot pink petite roses, gorgeous peonies, fragrant white and lavender freesia and a touch of purple stock. This bouquet was hand-tied with beautiful satin ribbon. (pictures coming soon!)

Bridesmaids Bouquet

Jessica’s special maid of honor and bridesmaids were recognized with a bouquet of lush hot pink garden roses and stunning hot pink peonies hand-tied with sheer ribbon.

These peonies were to die for and the garden roses smelled heavenly!

Wedding Reception Flowers

These two love birds, joined with their families and friends, partied the remainder of the day and night away at the Hilton Downtown at 401 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Eight round guest tables at the reception featured 3-4 foot tall martini glass centerpieces with white hydrangea and luscious white garden roses accompanied with several smaller vases and candles around the base full of lisianthus, hydrangea and peonies. The dazzling gold linens with the white floral blooms really made this reception a classy look and feel.



There were four family tables that were decorated with low style centerpieces down the middle of the table made of white hydrangea and white garden roses.


The head table of the newly weds and their wedding party featured three very large floral pieces made of white hydrangea and lush garden roses. These arrangements were a focal point of the room. These picture do no justice as to how beautiful and powerful these pieces really were.



I will share more photos and update this post as they become available!

To the sweet newly weds, we wish you all the luck for a happy marriage! It was a pleasure working with both of you!

Centerpiece Guidelines for your Wedding or Event tables

Are centerpieces that important?


In short, yes. While planning a wedding involves a lot of considerations for a lot of different aspects, the reception ultimately comes down to decor and ambiance. The same idea applies to any other special event as well. The reception is the much anticipated celebratory party and should be carefully considered when selecting decor. It can be very easy to overlook the little details that will set your wedding reception apart from the rest with everything else you have to plan, but these small details can be what makes your wedding so memorable.

From the linens to they style of table and chairs, to the dinnerware and floral arrangements, these are all items that can help create your desired ambiance or theme. So much more often than not, we have brides that haven’t even considered floral arrangements for the table which is one detail that you really have endless possibilities.

Why are centerpieces important?

Your wedding reception guests will be spending a lot of the time at their table…Of course they’ll be dancing, eating and mingling with loved ones, but a good majority of their time will be spent gathered around these tables. It’s important to create a pleasant atmosphere for these areas. Couples are given the opportunity to really show their personalities through flowers and what better way to do this than through your centerpieces. Your centerpieces can be as personal as you like with significant additions incorporated into the centerpieces or simply in line with your wedding colors and themes. When it comes to flowers and bringing a vision to life in ways you didn’t know were possible, florists are true creative geniuses!

How do I choose the right centerpiece for my wedding or event?

Some things you will want to consider prior to making a centerpiece plans is:

  1. Budget & Guest Count – The most important part is determining how many guest tables you will have and how much money you can spend on each table.
  2. Style of table – Rectangle, square, pub style or round tables? All of these will play a factor in making the best selection for your table centerpieces. You aren’t going to want to put huge lavish arrangements on a pub style table leaving little room for plates and conversation, just as you won’t want to put a petite bud vase on a large round table where it gets lost. Long and low centerpieces work best for rectangle tables, while short and round or tall and round centerpieces work best for round tables.
  3. Season/Indoor/Outdoor wedding – A hot summer day, an outdoor wedding and hydrangea centerpieces don’t exactly always get along. The hydrangea’s tend to melt in the hot heat. It will be helpful if you’re willing to compromise on your wedding flowers if it’s a case where we need to use other flowers rather than risk the centerpieces being completely ruined in the hot heat for an outdoor wedding with no shade or table coverage.
  4. Lighting – Is the room dim? Consider adding candles all around your centerpieces!
  5. High or Low centerpieces – This is important! If you like the look and feel of tall centerpieces, just make sure they’re tall enough not to interfere with guests conversations or views of the reception room such as the dance floor.  Some brides opt to decorate every other table with a high and low centerpiece creating a unique look for the room.

*It is important to check with your venue on their policies for open flames or breakable glass for reception decor prior to making any final design decisions.*


Centerpiece designed for a long rectangle head table. This would be considered a “long and low” centerpiece.


Coordinating round and low centerpiece designed for guest tables.


The same wedding with a combination of round and low and tall centerpieces for the guest tables.

Click here to view the gallery of more images from this Bold & Daring Downtown Wedding

Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer 

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of things to factor and consider. From the venue to the cake, to the flowers and the bridal party; Simply getting started can be very overwhelming. That’s why, with intensive research and information gathering, the goal of our wedding website became to provide resources for all kinds of wedding vendors not limited to floral and our specific Botanica Flowers brand.

For as long as it takes to plan the perfect day, when the day comes, it’s gone in the blink of an eye. The one thing that lives on from that special day aside from the marriage itself are the photos. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is important to capture all those special moments of that exciting, once-in-a-lifetime day! We’ve compiled several important questions to ask your potential wedding photographer(s) to help you make the best decision.

Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

  • How long have you been a wedding photographer?
  • How many weddings have you shot?
  • How would you describe your photography style?
  • How would you describe your working style?
  • How far in advance do I need to book my wedding photographer?
  • What sets your work apart from that of other photographers?
  • Do you ever bring more then one photographer to the event?
  • Do you have a portfolio I can review? Are all of your images yours and present work?
  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?
  • Can you put together a slideshow of the engagement session along with other photos we provide and show it during the cocktail hour?
  • What time will you arrive at the site and how long will you shoot?
  • If my wedding lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge for this?
  • What kind of photography packages do you offer?
  • Can I customize a wedding photo package based on my needs?
  • Do you provide retouching, color adjustment or other corrective services?
  • What type of album designs do you offer? Do you provide any assistance in creating an album?
  • What is the photo ordering process?
  • What is the time frame I will receive my photos after ordering?
  • How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due?
  • What is your refund/cancellation policy?
  • Do you provide a written contract?

Check out our other helpful questions for wedding vendors, questions for bakeries and questions to ask your wedding caterer here.

Top 10 Wedding Greens & Foliage

To coordinate with last week’s post on the Top 10 Wedding Flowers 2016, we’ve followed it up with the top 10 wedding greens of 2016!

Typically greens aren’t considered as much when it comes to wedding flowers, they’ve always been more of just an accent. I think it’s important to share trending greens and foliage as the garden-esque, earthy wedding trend has really taken off this year. Between creating an outdoor feel indoors and table garlands made of bay laurel and succulents in place of traditional round centerpieces, we think it’s important to share varieties of the most popular greens to assist you in your wedding flower decision making!

1. Hanging Amaranthus


Add drama to any of your wedding decor with hanging amaranthus – centerpieces, archways, wreaths, you name it, this green is full of dramatic style and texture. Irregardless of your style, romantic or free-spirited, we feel that hanging amaranthus can most likely have a place in your wedding vision! More good news about this fella, it’s not just limited to green. Additionally, hanging amaranthus comes in a bold shade of burgundy as well, perfect for a jewel toned wedding, a fall wedding or for adding a bold contrast to other pale pink blooms.

2. Dusty Miller


We love dusty miller and we know you do too! Dusty miller is as popular in wedding work as almost every other wedding! This dusty miller trend really started to rise last year but is still going strong as a soft accent to bouquets and centerpieces all over Columbus, Oh. Dusty miller is more grey in color with a green undertone and is consistently used almost every time with pale pink wedding themes! When pairing dusty miller with the lush and softness of pale pink and white garden roses, a very romantic floral formulation is born.

3. Seeded Eucalyptus


Not a new green for florists, but seemingly a revelation for brides, seeded eucalyptus! As with the dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus also has more of a grayish color with green undertones. Seeded eucalyptus differers from spiral eucalyptus which is a more commonly known variety of eucalyptus. It’s hangy, not a word, but you know what I mean, it’s seedy, it’s flowy and it’s fabulous! The stems with seeded eucalyptus tend to be on the thicker side and can add bulk to a hand-held bouquet pretty quickly.

4. Silver Coin Eucalyptus


Another variety of eucalyptus, we love it and so will you! This variety is called silver coin, it’s grayish green with flat round-like leaves. This green is perfect for floral garlands, wreaths, arch decor, aisle decor and an awesome greenery accent to bouquets!

5. Italian Ruscus


Ruscus is a single stem with several leaves. It’s easy to work with and adds a nice simple and clean feel to bouquets and centerpieces.

6. Buplerum


It’s fun, it’s funky and it has a mind of it’s own! Buplerum is heavily gaining popularity in wedding work this year! With garden inspired wedding themes on trend, buplerum has a special place in wedding bouquets and centerpieces: And we couldn’t be more excited, we love this stuff! Each stem has more smaller stems branching out with dainty little green bloom-looking things full of texture. Buplerum stems are a bit delicate to work with as they bend and break fairly easily.

7. Green Pitt


Green pitt is, well, it’s awesome! Green pitt is a great accent to your wedding flowers. Pitt lays nicely and the stems are thick, however they’re still pretty flexible and easy to work with. This greenery comes in solid green and variegated white and green and there’s also “mini pitt” which looks exact.y like this, just more petite.

8. Sword Fern


Sword fern appears to have come right out of a whimsical fairy garden! Ferns are a traditional and classic green that have gained popularity this wedding season. As with everything, once cool things and trends always make their way back around, think skinny jeans formerly known as “straight-leg” pants. This wedding season has been all about stylizing, texture, drama, unique and airy themes and flowers. Sword fern is a nice addition to your funky garden-esque wedding style!

9. Bay Leaf


What the heck are these garlands I keep seeing everywhere? These are a new fad for 2016 made by typically grouping bay leaf together. While green is in, consider bay leaf garlands, wreaths and accents. Please note however, these aren’t the only greens you have to choose from when it comes to gorgeous lush greenery garlands for your big day!

10. Ivy


If precision is your thing, you will likely not want to consider ivy in your wedding flowers as it’s a very non-precise kind of green. If you want to capture a traditional essence of a garden inspired wedding, ivy is almost essential! This green is a true classic.

As always, Happy Wedding Planning!

-Botanica Flowers

8 Prom Flower Tips 2016 From the Florist

Our sister company, Flowerama Columbus, has made prom flower buying simple, painless and nearly fully customizable. For last minute corsage and boutonniere shoppers, we’ve created an easy to use ordering platform online (shop here).

We’ve compiled some tips for you when ordering your prom flowers that may help you.

Tip #1 – Don’t wait until last minute 

We know that you’re on a one-track-mind and wouldn’t be thinking this way, but the reality is Prom is always scheduled on or around Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is, if not our first, our second busiest holiday. May in general is a busy month for florists as this is when we’re getting in outdoor plants and flowers, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and the first real site of summer on the horizon so naturally people are out and about more.

Tip #2 – Flowers may not come in that color, be flexible to suggestions by the professional florist

So very often we have requests for miniature roses in blue or teal, rather than saying “that’s ridiculous”, it’s our job to educate the consumer by letting them know they don’t come in that color, however, white flowers would work perfectly with your dress if we accent with teal gems and tulle and ribbons.

Tip #3 – The guy buys the corsage and the girl buys the boutonniere

This is an old practice, not sure how much it’s implemented in modern society, but typically the guy buys the corsage for his prom date and the girl buys the boutonniere for hers. Yes, the girls generally get off easier on this one when it comes to cost…but just think about all the other expenses they’ve encountered for the big day…hair…dress…make-up…it’s only fair!

Tip #4 – Matchy-matchy isn’t necessary! Coordinating is okay!

Matching your flowers to your dress as closely as possible may be ideal to you but that’s what accent colors are for! For instance, if you have a hot pink dress, rather than choosing hot pink flowers and hot pink accents, depending on your style, you could choose something on the soft side with light pink flowers and hot pink tulle or on the more bold and statement making side with purple flowers and island blue tulle.

Tip #5 – Bring a picture of the dress to show the floral designer

What’s coral to you may be pink to us, what’s blue to you may be teal to us and what’s red to you may be orange to us! This language, no offense guys, often gets completely mixed up especially when the guy is ordering his dates corsage. We will be able to assist you better in ordering when you’re able to show us exactly what the dress looks like so we have an overall feel we want to convey through the flowers.

Tip #6 – Tell your date where you ordered their flowers so they can order from the same place

So you ordered prom flowers from one florist and your date ordered from another and somewhere along the lines, each designers perception of what the client was wanting was different. You’re now stuck with a blue corsage and a teal boutonniere. Most generally the couple going to prom together does not come in to order at the same time, but a very helpful idea is to let your date know where you went so that they can go there too and the florist is able to look up the other order and match or coordinate both of your guys’ flowers.

Tip #7 – Do NOT store the flowers in your freezer!

In the event you’re picking your flowers up a day or two in advance of the prom, never, ever, ever store the flowers in the freezer of your refrigerator! They will turn transparent and brown and you will be very sad. We are commonly asked, even with flower arrangements, if it’s okay to put the flowers in the freezer until it’s time to use them because seemingly that’s what we do with ours… No! We have a cooler and it’s regulated to a specific degree to store flowers properly. You can put them in your refrigerator, but never the freezer.

Tip #8 – Guys, take your date a rose.

Plain and simple, in addition to the flowers she’s wearing, taking her roses or carnations is a very nice gesture and will likely ease the stress of spending the entire day getting ready and trying to make sure everything is perfect.

Top 10 Wedding Flowers 2016


1. Garden Roses

Light_Pink_Garden_Roses_TMove on over standard, traditional rose…Here comes the Garden Rose making a grand entrance with her lush looks and undeniably pleasant fragrance! Garden roses are not a new bloom, however, they’re making brides swoon this year when it comes to trending wedding flowers. We can’t blame them, garden roses, though typically on the higher end of the cost spectrum, are gorgeous and they take up more space than traditional roses. In turn, this means you wouldn’t need as many, so you  may be able to cut cost on your wedding bouquet by choosing larger blooms such as garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias and other flowers that take up more space individually. Somewhere along the line, most traditional roses have lost what they’ve always been known for, fragrance. Garden roses offer that true rose fragrance that we so often seek in traditional roses. Whether you’re planning an elegant, clean and quaint wedding celebration or a modern garden-esque affair, there are several varieties and colors of these beauties lending themselves to be diverse in accomplishing an array of styles and needs.

2. Succulents – still going strong


A huge wedding flower trend in 2016 is greens, greens, greens and more greens! Succulents have been on the rise for a few years now but this year particularly, brides are opting more for whimsy, textured, earthy, garden inspired wedding themes. What better to use than succulents if this is you!? Succulents, in short, are awesome! We love to use them for their simplicity but dramatic textured effect that they also provide. Succulents come in various styles, shapes and colors. Though mostly green, you will find some in shades or hints of purple and pink. They’re fun, they’re funky and we can assure you with their addition, they’ll be the “ooooh and ahhhh” of your bridal bouquet! We love a lush and whimsy style bouquet of succulents, garden roses, billy balls and peonies accented with seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller and garden ivy.

3. Dahlia’s


Typically a larger bloom, Dahlia’s offer several varieties, shapes, colors and textures. This flower, being larger, lends itself to being more of a focal point in a bouquet and in most cases, with the use of dahlia’s, less is more. In our experience, brides like to pair dahlia’s with hydrangea, standard, garden and petite roses, hanging amaranthus and queen anne’s lace. Typically bouquets using dahlia’s have a more fresh picked, roadside bouquet look. – Not at all meant in a bad way!

4. Peony


I can’t say we blame pesky ants for being heavily attracted to this particular bloom. Peonies are gorgeous, they’re luscious, they smell heavenly and they are so diverse! Often we will incorporate not only the large open peony blooms in bridal work but the barely cracked blooms as well that are in the shape of a ball for added texture and style. Peonies are a fantastic flower to use in bridal work because they are truly beautiful in all stages, from barely open to full bloom. We most often have brides requesting standard and or garden roses paired with peonies in various colors. They have softness to them but they make a bold statement and draw emphasis.

5. Hydrangea


Standard white and green hydrangea are not as costly as they once were and are still a very strong popular flower in bridal work. Of course, getting in to the more complex colors such as purple, blue and pink, you’re likely to inquire more cost, however, this is another one of those flowers that take up a lot of space per just one stem, so while the cost may be a bit higher per stem, consider how much space they take up. Hydrangea are a completely diverse flower and can adapt and accent most other flowers in a bridal bouquet. We find that often times this particular flower will clash with carnations because the carnations can easily be lost as opposed to a garden rose or dahlia.

6. Ranunculus


If we asked you about ranunculus a year ago, you may have had no idea what we were talking about. Today, these delicate blooms may just be your favorite – And for good reason! Ranunculus, like garden roses, have a high petal count, hence the “fluffiness” look they have. They are a more delicate flower, however, very popular when used in bridal work this past wedding season and still at it this year.

7. Babies Breath


So, in florist land, babies breath is what we call a “filler”. What does this mean to you? Nothing really, but to us, it’s traditionally used to accent other flowers such as roses, not to be the focal point. That being said, we have increasingly had brides requesting babies breath bouquets and centerpieces. I think a very common misconception for the consumer is that because of the simplicity of it’s look it’s a “cheaper” alternative to other flowers. This isn’t always the case. Take caution, the price of an all babies breath wedding may be more costly than you might expect. Of course it’s not going to be as costly as a bouquet of dahlia’s, garden roses’s, hydrangea, peonies and ranunculus, but it isn’t exactly free either.

8. Lisianthus


At certain stages of their development, lisianthus kind of, sort of, somewhat reminds you of roses. These flowers, however, have several blooms per stem. Lisianthus is popular in purple, pink and white and makes a stunning addition to an airy, earthy, fresh picked inspired bouquet.

9. Stock


We love stock! It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s full of fragrance. Stock is often paired with standard and garden roses and is a nice addition to bridal bouquets in small quantities. Stock is offered in colors such as magenta/pink, white, peach and purple.

10. Calla Lilies


Seems like no matter what’s trending right now, calla lilies are a flower that doesn’t go away in our business. The calla lily’s simple, delicate, cone-like design provide modern and elegant flair. Calla lilies are often paired with roses and come in a variety of colors.

As always, Happy Wedding Planning!

-Botanica Flowers

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8 Things to do with your Wedding Flowers after the Wedding

Imagine – You’ve just experienced a slew of emotions you didn’t even know existed. The time has come, you greet the beginning of the aisle with tears in your eyes as you look up and walk towards the man of your dreams. This is it, and for that entire duration of slowly walking down the aisle, your mind races, this is what you’ve dreamed of. But better. This is far more elaborate than you could have ever pictured. You’re about to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. While it seems like time stops for a moment, it all happens so fast. You celebrate your union with your closest friends and family. Dancing. Dining. Making Memories. Be careful not to blink, it only takes one blink and the special day has come to an end. As the evening nears it’s end, you’re faced with “clean-up”.

What do I do with my wedding flowers after the wedding is over?

Don’t worry, we’ve got this! We’ve compiled unique and meaningful ideas for repurposing all of those gorgeous wedding flowers. After all, you spent money on these, there should be something you can do with them, and there is!

  1. Deliver to a local Nursing Home – We have a close relationship with several local nursing homes and in our personal experience, these men and women are so grateful beyond words to receive flowers. A lot of them hardly ever believe that you’re giving them flowers. It’s a unique, meaningful and heartfelt experience. What a great way to start your marriage off! These people love visitors, talk to them, ask them for marriage advice! I promise you won’t be disappointed and you may even make a friend or two.
  2. Give your guests the remaining centerpieces to take home – People love flowers, bottom line. This act of kindness will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Preserve your bouquet – Who doesn’t want a beautiful memento of such a beautiful day. There are several DIY videos and tutorials you can search online and you can also search “wedding flower preservation” in your area. Please note, most florists do not provide this service.
  4. Deliver to a local Hospital – Same idea as with the nursing home. People in the hospital, especially long term patients will really appreciate this gesture. It could mean more to them than you’ll ever know.
  5. Deliver to all the people that made your big day come together – Was your photographer awesome? Let them know, take them a thank you note with a bouquet of flowers. Did your cake get a lot of ooo’s and ahhh’s? Show your appreciation with a  flower bouquet. Hairstylists? Make-up Artist? Even your mani-pedi place! These type of small thoughtful gestures will go a long way.
  6. Deliver to the restaurant of your first date – Makes sense, deliver your remaining wedding flowers to the place where you and your partners love would begin! Restaurants like a love story just as much as the next guy, don’t we all?
  7. Take flowers to the proposal site – Did he propose at your favorite park? Was it at work? Take flowers to this location!
  8. Message in a bottle – You’ll have way more flowers than would fill a glass bottle but as a sentimental idea, you could add your vows to each other in a bottle along with flowers (or several bottles) and toss them in a nearby river or lake.


What did you do with all of your remaining wedding flowers? Is there something else you wish you would have done with them?