Centerpiece Guidelines for your Wedding or Event tables

Are centerpieces that important?


In short, yes. While planning a wedding involves a lot of considerations for a lot of different aspects, the reception ultimately comes down to decor and ambiance. The same idea applies to any other special event as well. The reception is the much anticipated celebratory party and should be carefully considered when selecting decor. It can be very easy to overlook the little details that will set your wedding reception apart from the rest with everything else you have to plan, but these small details can be what makes your wedding so memorable.

From the linens to they style of table and chairs, to the dinnerware and floral arrangements, these are all items that can help create your desired ambiance or theme. So much more often than not, we have brides that haven’t even considered floral arrangements for the table which is one detail that you really have endless possibilities.

Why are centerpieces important?

Your wedding reception guests will be spending a lot of the time at their table…Of course they’ll be dancing, eating and mingling with loved ones, but a good majority of their time will be spent gathered around these tables. It’s important to create a pleasant atmosphere for these areas. Couples are given the opportunity to really show their personalities through flowers and what better way to do this than through your centerpieces. Your centerpieces can be as personal as you like with significant additions incorporated into the centerpieces or simply in line with your wedding colors and themes. When it comes to flowers and bringing a vision to life in ways you didn’t know were possible, florists are true creative geniuses!

How do I choose the right centerpiece for my wedding or event?

Some things you will want to consider prior to making a centerpiece plans is:

  1. Budget & Guest Count – The most important part is determining how many guest tables you will have and how much money you can spend on each table.
  2. Style of table – Rectangle, square, pub style or round tables? All of these will play a factor in making the best selection for your table centerpieces. You aren’t going to want to put huge lavish arrangements on a pub style table leaving little room for plates and conversation, just as you won’t want to put a petite bud vase on a large round table where it gets lost. Long and low centerpieces work best for rectangle tables, while short and round or tall and round centerpieces work best for round tables.
  3. Season/Indoor/Outdoor wedding – A hot summer day, an outdoor wedding and hydrangea centerpieces don’t exactly always get along. The hydrangea’s tend to melt in the hot heat. It will be helpful if you’re willing to compromise on your wedding flowers if it’s a case where we need to use other flowers rather than risk the centerpieces being completely ruined in the hot heat for an outdoor wedding with no shade or table coverage.
  4. Lighting – Is the room dim? Consider adding candles all around your centerpieces!
  5. High or Low centerpieces – This is important! If you like the look and feel of tall centerpieces, just make sure they’re tall enough not to interfere with guests conversations or views of the reception room such as the dance floor.  Some brides opt to decorate every other table with a high and low centerpiece creating a unique look for the room.

*It is important to check with your venue on their policies for open flames or breakable glass for reception decor prior to making any final design decisions.*


Centerpiece designed for a long rectangle head table. This would be considered a “long and low” centerpiece.


Coordinating round and low centerpiece designed for guest tables.


The same wedding with a combination of round and low and tall centerpieces for the guest tables.

Click here to view the gallery of more images from this Bold & Daring Downtown Wedding


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