Top 10 Wedding Flowers 2016


1. Garden Roses

Light_Pink_Garden_Roses_TMove on over standard, traditional rose…Here comes the Garden Rose making a grand entrance with her lush looks and undeniably pleasant fragrance! Garden roses are not a new bloom, however, they’re making brides swoon this year when it comes to trending wedding flowers. We can’t blame them, garden roses, though typically on the higher end of the cost spectrum, are gorgeous and they take up more space than traditional roses. In turn, this means you wouldn’t need as many, so you  may be able to cut cost on your wedding bouquet by choosing larger blooms such as garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias and other flowers that take up more space individually. Somewhere along the line, most traditional roses have lost what they’ve always been known for, fragrance. Garden roses offer that true rose fragrance that we so often seek in traditional roses. Whether you’re planning an elegant, clean and quaint wedding celebration or a modern garden-esque affair, there are several varieties and colors of these beauties lending themselves to be diverse in accomplishing an array of styles and needs.

2. Succulents – still going strong


A huge wedding flower trend in 2016 is greens, greens, greens and more greens! Succulents have been on the rise for a few years now but this year particularly, brides are opting more for whimsy, textured, earthy, garden inspired wedding themes. What better to use than succulents if this is you!? Succulents, in short, are awesome! We love to use them for their simplicity but dramatic textured effect that they also provide. Succulents come in various styles, shapes and colors. Though mostly green, you will find some in shades or hints of purple and pink. They’re fun, they’re funky and we can assure you with their addition, they’ll be the “ooooh and ahhhh” of your bridal bouquet! We love a lush and whimsy style bouquet of succulents, garden roses, billy balls and peonies accented with seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller and garden ivy.

3. Dahlia’s


Typically a larger bloom, Dahlia’s offer several varieties, shapes, colors and textures. This flower, being larger, lends itself to being more of a focal point in a bouquet and in most cases, with the use of dahlia’s, less is more. In our experience, brides like to pair dahlia’s with hydrangea, standard, garden and petite roses, hanging amaranthus and queen anne’s lace. Typically bouquets using dahlia’s have a more fresh picked, roadside bouquet look. – Not at all meant in a bad way!

4. Peony


I can’t say we blame pesky ants for being heavily attracted to this particular bloom. Peonies are gorgeous, they’re luscious, they smell heavenly and they are so diverse! Often we will incorporate not only the large open peony blooms in bridal work but the barely cracked blooms as well that are in the shape of a ball for added texture and style. Peonies are a fantastic flower to use in bridal work because they are truly beautiful in all stages, from barely open to full bloom. We most often have brides requesting standard and or garden roses paired with peonies in various colors. They have softness to them but they make a bold statement and draw emphasis.

5. Hydrangea


Standard white and green hydrangea are not as costly as they once were and are still a very strong popular flower in bridal work. Of course, getting in to the more complex colors such as purple, blue and pink, you’re likely to inquire more cost, however, this is another one of those flowers that take up a lot of space per just one stem, so while the cost may be a bit higher per stem, consider how much space they take up. Hydrangea are a completely diverse flower and can adapt and accent most other flowers in a bridal bouquet. We find that often times this particular flower will clash with carnations because the carnations can easily be lost as opposed to a garden rose or dahlia.

6. Ranunculus


If we asked you about ranunculus a year ago, you may have had no idea what we were talking about. Today, these delicate blooms may just be your favorite – And for good reason! Ranunculus, like garden roses, have a high petal count, hence the “fluffiness” look they have. They are a more delicate flower, however, very popular when used in bridal work this past wedding season and still at it this year.

7. Babies Breath


So, in florist land, babies breath is what we call a “filler”. What does this mean to you? Nothing really, but to us, it’s traditionally used to accent other flowers such as roses, not to be the focal point. That being said, we have increasingly had brides requesting babies breath bouquets and centerpieces. I think a very common misconception for the consumer is that because of the simplicity of it’s look it’s a “cheaper” alternative to other flowers. This isn’t always the case. Take caution, the price of an all babies breath wedding may be more costly than you might expect. Of course it’s not going to be as costly as a bouquet of dahlia’s, garden roses’s, hydrangea, peonies and ranunculus, but it isn’t exactly free either.

8. Lisianthus


At certain stages of their development, lisianthus kind of, sort of, somewhat reminds you of roses. These flowers, however, have several blooms per stem. Lisianthus is popular in purple, pink and white and makes a stunning addition to an airy, earthy, fresh picked inspired bouquet.

9. Stock


We love stock! It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s full of fragrance. Stock is often paired with standard and garden roses and is a nice addition to bridal bouquets in small quantities. Stock is offered in colors such as magenta/pink, white, peach and purple.

10. Calla Lilies


Seems like no matter what’s trending right now, calla lilies are a flower that doesn’t go away in our business. The calla lily’s simple, delicate, cone-like design provide modern and elegant flair. Calla lilies are often paired with roses and come in a variety of colors.

As always, Happy Wedding Planning!

-Botanica Flowers

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