Can I pull off a flower crown?

You’ve heard of it, it’s trending in a big way right now, but what is it?

The Flower Crown

I’m sure you’ve noticed that all things once old are becoming new and stylish again. Those jeans you made fun of your mom for wearing for so many years have suddenly lined the shelves and racks of your favorite trendy clothing stores.

You may be surprised to find that flower crowns are actually not a new idea though they’re trending today. The flower crown actually has tradition and meaning that you will find going all the way back to ancient Greece. Generally a flower crown is made of bay laurel or other specialty foliage that works alone or accompanied by large lush floral blooms for a bold statement as well as petite blooms for a more subtle and natural feel. In this article you will find a brief history lesson on three of our favorite historical floral crowns. Consider and play off the history when selecting a floral crown for your next special occasion!

Beautiful wedding red rose flower crown on wooden background

1. Ancient Greek Flower Crown

In ancient Greece, floral crowns were worn for special occasions to honor the gods. In this same era, the laurel leaf began to gain popularity as well. While the bay laurel halos offer a clean, green, earthy feel alone, for today’s boho girl it’s become increasingly popular to add big bold flower blooms as well.

2. Ancient Chinese Flower Crown

It was customary in China to wear a floral crown made of the orange blossom during a wedding. The orange blossom was meant to symbolize fertility and were thought to bring children to a marriage.

3. Victorian Era Flower Crown

Saving the best for last, we love Victorian inspired floral design! Queen Victoria brought the flower crown into fashion in Europe. Traditionally, Victorian inspired designs use strong color contrasts and bold floral hues. The Victorian floral design era would incorporate the usage of abundant foliage; Hence the popularity in using large lush floral blooms in bold colors when creating a modern-day victorian inspired floral crown.

Can I wear a Flower Crown?

Short answer – Yes.

If you’re a modern, free-spirit, boho kind of girl, flower crowns are all the rage right now! For several years and used in traditions all over the world, flower crowns have been a symbol of love, fertility and celebration. The possibilities and personalization are truly endless. Today you will commonly see floral crowns used in weddings for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls, however we are seeing them increasingly being requested for prom, homecomings and other special occasions.

nymphs in colorful wreaths

Flower Crowns in lieu of traditional bridal bouquet?

It sounds crazy, we know, but more and more of today’s brides are opting for a more free-spirited, earthy, garden-esque feel for their big day. Flower crowns play right into this, they’re non-traditional, even though they’re an ancient tradition, and fully customizable.

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