Tips for Planning your Wedding Flowers – From the Florist.

For many brides to be, the process of planning their wedding day began long before the groom ever popped the question. Many brides have had Pinterest boards filled with wedding flowers, centerpieces and styles years before they ever met the man of their dreams. Suddenly all of the wedding related boards of wedding flower ideas and wedding images may seem overwhelming. Your wedding dream now needs to be turned into your wedding reality. So many ideas, so many questions; where do you start. How does the bride decide on one idea, can you combine several ideas together? How much will it all cost? Go to our getting started page for many tools to help you organize your thoughts and help you prioritize your things to do.

What is your wedding flower budget?


What should you expect to spend on flowers for a wedding? Everyone is different. There is no one answer. A good guideline is 10 to 15 percent of the wedding cost, but some wedding parties spend significantly more then that while others spend far less. A great place to begin is to go to our wedding budget planner. This is a nice starter tool to give you an idea what wedding flowers might cost. You can add and subtract items to the tool and even select different levels of quality.

What if my flower budget does not match my Pinterest visions?



We want to hear the dream, the vision, what it is that you really want. It helps us get to know you and feel the emotion and passion of what you want your day to be. We want to know how he asked and who you told first. This is the best part of getting married and we want to share in the fun. It is your special day and for us to contribute to making it your dream day we want to really know how the journey began and what your vision is for the wedding day itself.

If after we meet and we total everything up and we are under budget, then great. Congratulations, let us build that dream wedding. More often than not, however, the budget does not meet the dream.

This is where things can get tricky. This is also where it helps to have a professional floral designer to help you figure it all out. It is our job to help you decide what is truly important and find creative ways to capture your vision while staying within your budget.

Maybe we can find flowers that are more affordable for your particular style to assist in capturing your dream. Maybe we adjust the size of the arrangements or the number of arrangements needed. Sometimes we can also use the same arrangement in multiple locations.

There are literally dozens of ways to find wiggle room and still capture your vision of your day. Trust us we have done this hundreds of times and we will help you figure this out as well.

What kind of bride are you?

Almost every bride has one or two items on their list that they wont compromise on.

For some brides the single most important thing in the wedding is the bridal bouquet. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many brides feel this way. It is very rare to find a classic image of a bride and groom that does not include the bridal bouquet.

Casey’s bridal bouquet of lush pale pink garden roses, wild queen annes lace, gorgeous hydrangea and textured seeded eucalyptus.

The wedding ceremony flowers maybe the top item on your list of have to haves. Why not? The picture in the church or other venue with the entire wedding party flanked by beautiful flower arrangements will likely hang on your wall in your home for the rest of your lives.

Casey opted to line her wedding ceremony aisle with mason jars of babies breath and pale pink rose petals for a clean and classic feel. The archway is decorated with a stylish swag made of branches and fresh rose blooms.

Maybe for you, it’s all about the party. The flowers decorating the reception hall will surround you during some of the most memorable moments of the day. The time right after your married, the time you celebrate with friends and family. The maid of honor and the best man give speeches. The father and daughter dance together, the cake cutting ceremony and more. The flowers decorating this space and the images that are captured during these moments might be the most important part of the day to you.

Gorgeous centerpieces of lush garden roses and gorgeous hydrangea filled the reception tables at Chris and Casey’s Classic and Timeless Inspired wedding.

Some brides won’t compromise on the wedding flowers at all. She might compromise on the venue or the number of guests or the wedding date itself, but she wont compromise on the flowers.

Meeting our designers is a good place to figure things out. Go to our meet our designer’s page to read a short bio on each of them and consider setting up a consultation.

When should I meet with a florist to discuss wedding flowers?

We love talking to brides about their event and the sooner the better. That being said, it often helps to have your wedding dress and bridal dresses selected to help us get an idea of your style. The dress color, design and shape help suggest coordinating bouquet size, style, shape and flower color.

The size of the wedding party will play a roll in your floral budget so having the size of wedding party is also often helpful.

The venue selected is also important. It gives us an idea of how many guests will be attending the event and how many tables and other decorations might be needed.

What if I don’t have a vision at all?

Some brides come to us with a very specific idea of what they want and who they want it. Some brides don’t know how to figure out a style and a vision.

Don’t worry, we can help, it does not have to be that complicated. We take our perspective brides that need help selecting flowers through a couple step process to get the ball rolling.

First: You and maybe the one or two people that you trust the most should look at everything. We can do a Pinterest board for your wedding. Look around the internet and pin things that you like. Do this over several days. You might really like one collection one day and not so much the next day, the more the better.


Second: Do you have any patterns start to form? Are you attracted to more natural styles or is it high-style that you’re attracted to? Do you prefer one solid color or do you like multi-colored arrangements. Patterns will start to form and this will be a good place to find your style and your vision.

Check out our what’s your style page and see the current pantone colors for the upcoming year to get more ideas.

Why are vendor partnerships so important?

Selecting solid vendor’s for your event is extremely important. When vendors know each other and have worked with each other in the past, the event almost always goes smoother. They know each other and they know what to expect from each other. If there is a question they know who to talk to. They know things like where the outlets are and how best to set up and tear down.

We feel so strongly about the vendors we work with we do more then just list them on our website we advocate for them. Check out our partner’s page and you can read about the vendors we work well with as well as the common questions you should ask the vendors. Many have the answers included on their page.

Most of our vendor pages have a map with their location and some even have videos that we have created to help give a bit more insight about them. We will be adding more to our vendor pages as time goes on, so check back often.

Check out our what every bride should know page. In the event that you find a vendor that is not currently on our list, you will have a good idea as to what you should ask them before you work with them.

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